The Pert Project

Project Name: The Pert Project

A brief about the project:

The Pert Project is a modest and comfortable villa designed for a young couple, their grandmom and the pet dog. Nestled in an amicable society in the North of Bangalore, this cosy retreat is a fine balance of Boho and fresh. It is free spirited, eclectic, relaxed and extremely homey.

The clients have simple personalities leading to their simple taste for design. They longed an inviting and warm aesthetic, fuss-free yet becoming. A soulful home where they could happily entertain, where guests and family felt comfortable and welcomed. And hence the design journey started keeping in mind the aesthetic that resonated with the clients, defined by layering patterns, punches of colours, varied textures and embracing the Boho-Chic !

Without a foyer prelude, this beautiful villa opens straight into its living that’s minimal and easy. We kept it unassumingly simple with dreamy, dusty rose walls, a beamed ceiling serving functionally with bare essentials. The media unit is an unpretentious console flanked by a wall mounted shelf to hold books and some memorabilia. The black decorative corbels underneath add a sweet touch. The corner space of this living is layered and lit with clean conservative cluster of lights and a hexagonal wall feature that subtly lends space for some beautiful indoor plants.

Waking straight into the private dining space, one catches a glimpse of an unmissable green sideboard that makes a statement in this room. This room is centered with a custom dining set made in wood. Above the dining hands a chic chandelier lighting up the space beautifully. We designed the gorgeous green sideboard that served as storage cabinet as well as a buffet table in this room. Accented with rattan, we intentionally went for a striking colour choice to liven up the space. Further adding interest is a gorgeous wall rug that was framed and used as a wall accent. The play of colours is so well balanced that it ties together this room into a cohesive story.

Embracing the dual tone style, the kitchen is a merry and airy space filled with natural light. Keeping it simple with the brown and white colour philosophy, we designed the kitchen with this distinctive style and lended it a relaxed spirit. The warm earthy tones make up a perfect canvas, where the cabinetry is outlined ever so neatly. What amplifies the visual interest is the pattern play of the backsplash tiles that run in a fabulous honeycomb like structure.

A picture perfect kitchen !

The grandmother’s room is distinctively different from the rest of the home as it is an ode to their Rajasthani roots. We designed elements that are reminiscent of the culture rich Rajasthani style, while also ensuring that the space was not heavy visually. One of the highlights is the custom made teak wood wardrobe with finely carved details.

Heavily inspired by the Pichwai prints, we decided to incorporate the same in the design, by using a gorgeous Pichwai fabric from Nilaya by Sabyasachi. We sandwiched this fabric in glass for the shutters of the twin closet, lending it a timeless appeal. The lower half was detailed into an arched dome with jaali pattern to facilitate ventilation for the Pooja mandir within. The second highlight was the wall opposite the bed. Replicating the arch dome of the wardrobe on the wall, we panelled it out beautifully with scalloped details, using a floral print wallpaper to play the backdrop. The most gorgeous lilac shade highlighted the wall and ofcourse the ceiling. Finally, we decided to wrap the other walls in a block print inspired motif in a single running panel. So rich yet peaceful was the whole vibe. It was emotionally satisfying to satiate the clients sentiments through these designs.

Moving upto the master bedroom, we put together this space to give out vibes that are summery, light and fresh to say the least. A room so simple, so pared down yet exponentially high on elegance. Fresh whitewashed walls with just the headboard wall glowing with the most tranquil blue tones, this room is soft as a whisper. The headboard wall had the only large window of the room that we did not want to close. Hence we played with this structural element to work gracefully as our backdrop, bh adding delicately embroidered sheet curtains to lend a beautiful background silhouette. The main fabric was added i. The form of blinds to make an unconventional blind and curtain combo. Ahead of this sat our stately, hand carved wooden bed that boasted of details so fine. To complement this, we custom made the bedside tables in similar wood details. Classic black pendant lights lit up both sides of the bed in gleams wisps of light, making the whole bed situation so dreamy. Adding a touch of drama to the closet entryway, we panelled out an arch and furthered this with an arched cove lit mirror. Infusing a beautiful pop of colours and patterns, we handpicked a stunning tropical print wallpaper to induce some glam into the otherwise subtle closet space.

The guest room unlike the master is fun, energetic and like a colour pop on show. Asymmetrically designed colour blocking with asymmetric nightstands in contrasting rust and pista green tones, is a punctuating feature. Colourful abstract art works add further visual interest. Another striking feature of this room is the dainty louvered closet, which stands pretty adorning the corner. Unconventional in design and gorgeous in its outlook, this closet is fantastical !

The study cum games room has a whimsical bay window seating with adequate open and enclosed storage for their books, accessories and stupendous variety of board games. Dramatic arches adorn the window side and a super subtle tropical wallpaper dresses the adjacent wall. A large contrasting black pendant light hangs above the seating space, illuminating it to perfection for those fun game nights.

The family room is an uncomplicated space, effortlessly designed to serve functionally. A gorgeous olive green L sectional sofa is a handsome standing feature of this room.

An impressive textured wall in gray tones with a floating wall shelf complete the space. The media unit is fundamentally designed – non fussy and clean, to accommodate their appliances with a hollow back panelling to conceal unsightly wires and a conspicuous MCB box.

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