The Brick Modern Home

Project Name: The Brick Modern Home

  • Project Name: The Brick Modern Home
  • Project Type: 3 BHK with Primary and Secondary living rooms
  • Total Super Built-Up Area: 2000 sqft
  • Project location: Bangalore
  • Year of completion: 2022

A brief about the project:

This modern home is all about clean lined details with influences from the edgy industrial style redefining the home with a palpable rawness in the upshot.

Walls treated with red bricks make an impressive show in the living spaces of this home – a feature the clients longed for. We integrated this request happily, ensuring a right blend of the contrasting Modern and Industrial styles. Hence this home was christened by the team as ‘The Brick Modern Home’. The client’s love for a warm woody aesthetic is discernible in the public spaces with the private zones conceptualized in softer, modern sensibilities that transition beautifully.

As one enters the home, a spacious foyer comes to the fore. With a tall functional storage neatly tucked behind the main door, one would immediately appreciate the openness of the rest of the space. This storage which also masks the MCB, extends into a seat much needed to quickly perch upon to wear or remove footwear. In order to add a subtle detail to the space, we half panelled the entry wall in a fluted feature. We also customised a live- edge wooden console that stands pretty against this wall.

The primary living space is ideated to entertain a gathering of music enthusiasts, rock music being the client’s preeminent passion. He wanted a warm, comfortable space, that resonated with the mood. We designed a statement media wall with red bricks and balanced it on the other side with raw concrete finished wall panels. The media unit is simple and functional and we decided to have an open shelf to flaunt his envious vintage music record collection. Flanked by a leather couch with 2 armchairs on either side, this space resembles a mini man cave. Sitting in a quiet corner of this living is a semi round table that we designed to serve as an altar for worship; sleek in design.

The secondary living is comparatively an elemental space with a 4-seater grey couch and a pop of mustard that shows in the armchair upholstery. We custom made a graphic wall piece in rubber wood to adorn the wall above the couch, adding interest and warmth. Custom making even the coffee table with a nested pouffe, we accommodated an extra seater. The media unit wall is a long wall joining into the dining space. The red bricks make a show again, featured in conjunction with the concrete texture. Arching the bricks at the passage entryway, this wall is a seamless beauty.

The dining room is a large space for dinner parties and social affairs. A six-seater dining table custom made in solid wood sits right in the middle of this room. Embracing two sides of the dining table are the coffee station and the bar cabinet. The bar cabinet inset in a structural niche is designed in a bold blue, to leave a striking impact, in this otherwise wood toned space. The coffee station on the other hand is a long counter with a contrasting white dado. We laid the backsplash in a rhythmic horizonal-vertical pattern to coalesce with the brick pattern on the adjacent wall. Though muted, this pattern has an effect that is bodacious.

The kitchen being the only area low on natural light in the whole home, is conceptualized in dominant whites with a backsplash that is in a subtle green and reflective. This combination not only amplifies any light falling into this space, but is also a stunner of a fusion, making for a charming little kitchen.

The Master Bedroom is a monochrome beauty, with an understated aesthetic in mind. We repurposed a wooden bed, adding 4 posters to it and staining it in sharp black. This black poster bed is beautifully highlighted in the vanilla white room. A chest of drawers at the foot of the bed catered to their functional needs while also looking fabulous, completing the entire frame. Opposite the bed, we created a minimalistic study corner, fencing this zone in fluted panels to create a detail that is nuanced.

The kid’s bedroom is a compact space that had to be designed for 2, hence a corner bed layout was executed. Cushioning this zone in an L shaped scalloped headboard, we brought about a snug corner. The twin study is designed to maximize storage for 2 and we detailed this out with stunningly hand-crafted solid wood legs in a pastel green. It brought about a delicate charm into this petite space. The wardrobe is designed in chic minimalism and we custom designed the supersized handles to create a sublime statement.

The GBR is a rudimental beauty, uncomplicated & pleasing. With the bed taking the centre stage, we designed a wood and wicker headboard that spruced up the space. Titillating nightstands in green brought in a pop of colour to enrich the vibe of this room. Using brass as an accent in the hardware and the study shelf rail, we glammed up the space for an enchanting appeal.

We designed this home to layer two different styles and it speaks perfectly of the client’s taste and our vision for the same. Crafting this space in a simple narrative, we realized a home that is relatable at many levels.



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