The Blue Door Home

Project Name– The Blue Door Home

  • Project Name, Location – The Blue Door Home, Bangalore
  • Typology and Square Footage – 2BHK Apartment, 940 Square Feet
  • Month and Year of Completion – August 2021
  • Text Credit – Lavanya Chopra
  • Photography Credit – Nayan Soni

A brief about the project:

The right kind of blues reign supreme in The Blue Door Home, rendering this contemporary bachelor pad in a newfound light! The colour acts as a binding element in the scheme of spaces that bear undertones of industrial design and create an alluring abode for its young solo end- user.

Nestled in South Bangalore, The Blue Door Home is a quaint 2BHK that redefines the design grammar of what the quintessential ‘bachelor pad’ has donned as a persona for years. A home for one, the client’s brief to the design firm underscored the importance of simplicity and its need to be pragmatic in its make.

With a free hand given to the design team in conceptualising this home in its entirety, the client left the team with a singular note; he desired ingeniously interwoven elements of colour in his residence. “Less was definitely more in this abode. With its compact blueprint, our goal became to create a sense of visual expanse. The spaces needed to be cleverly interpreted to prioritise function while steering clear of clutter. With an overruling accent of colour in the user’s brief, we knew the selected hue will become the protagonist while it makes a cameo in welcome and balanced doses,” shares Sonal.

The client’s personality became the anchoring inspiration at The Blue Door Home — calm in his demeanour and ever so thoughtful. The residence exudes inherent tranquility to echo the same sentiment by summoning forth a colour-rich narrative that is serene, pleasing to the eye, and cohesive in character. As the primary user of the space, the client was refreshingly open to the inclusion of lighter hues in the design scheme, creating an experience that celebrates a soothing impression of spaces.

“Shunning preconceived notions of what bachelor pads have looked like in the past, this home represents staying remotely disconnected from the stereotypical usage of a grunge aesthetic, dark tones, and outdated leather accents. We were focused on creating a space that was a far cry from austere, stark, and so-called masculine dens. Light, bright, and inviting was our take from the get-go,” explains Aniketh.

A bijou foyer preludes the home’s communal spaces. The multi-compartmented pull-down shoe cabinet with leather looped handles against the suave, white-toned shiplap wall makes a statement in the entryway. The tan leather-lined mirror by The Dekor Company and the dapper black sconces layer the space immaculately. This zone is a take on a practical and sumptuous version of a mudroom, challenging its petit square footage.

Snug for one and ideal to entertain an intimate gathering, the open floor plan integrates the light-washed living and dining spaces. The unmissable feature that draws the eyes and defines the interiors are the blue doors, the grounding detail that lends the home its identity! “The refurbished builder-grade doors get a new lease of life as they bathe in this lively blue hue. This design intervention didn’t only become a conversation-starter, but it also elevated the character of the internal spaces appreciably,” add the Designers.

The living area is grounded by a brown L-sectional sofa perfect for lounging and hosting in combination with a wingback powder blue accent chair that has been juxtaposed against the textured grey statement wall created by Evolve Surfaces. The focal art installation that crowns the living area has been pieced together with deep thought and sentimentality. The 3-feet-wide backlit circular painting displays the constellation imagery of the client’s parent’s zodiac signs that have been etched against the canvas of a forest’s starry sky during nightfall.

A customised media unit sits at the threshold of the kitchen and the living space. Created with metal and wood as its material constituents the unit has been designed with a sleek silhouette owing to the space constraint in the circulation areas. The unit however serves a dual purpose as a media console and as a partition system between the living and kitchen zones. Its streamlined and slatted form allows natural light to travel into the formerly darker kitchen.

Flanked by verdant views and umpteen daylight that penetrates the space via the balcony, the dining nook is an ensemble of a deep-stained four-seater dining table by Made with Spin and a set of four spindle-back Windsor chairs. “The dining space is also peppered by a green nook which was introduced as an ode to the client’s love for plants and greenery indoors. This has been created with L-form live-edge wooden shelves by Objectry that are supported upon black metal corbels. It fills the corner with freshness and a dose of greens,” says Mutha.

The galley kitchen scores high on the utility-scale and seamlessly embraces the blue- inspired colour palette. The space’s limited square footage posed a substantial challenge. The design team needed to brainstorm the spatial planning scheme of the kitchen adeptly, ensuring that every inch of the space was optimised in keeping with the roles of a kitchen cum utility. Replete with provisions for myriad appliances and storage, the layout herein

U AND I DESIGNS THE BLUE DOOR HOME balances the equation between visual design and the algorithm of everyday use. Colour washes over the space across the wall dado which sports square form textured tiles swathed in a shade of warm teal in the otherwise neutral-toned space.

A harmonious symphony of colour, inventive design, and tactile materiality, the master bedroom at The Blue Door Home is the client’s oasis in every sense of the word. An exposed and distressed white brick wall poses as a sombre backdrop for the modern wall-hung suspended headboard which is further complemented by warm wood and leather accents.

The touches of metal usher in a neo-industrial nuance in the space with the cabinetry hardware, fabricated metal rail of the headboard, and the extendable arm retro wall lamps by The Black Steel. “The colour blue assumes the spotlight here in the form of the wall-length wardrobe which is bookended by a built-in study unit combining the overruling finishes of black metal, warm wood, and the blues,” shares Bafna.

Steeped in a medley of pastel tones, the guest bedroom was pieced together to present a pleasant ambience. The principle of colour-blocking was administered in the space to lend it an additional perception of depth and volume. Pared down in its design, the headboard wall boasts of a two-toned colour block with hues of sage green and powder blue. A scalloped-edge blush upholstered headboard commands the niche which is seamed in with an arched mirror, accents of brass, and minimalist botanical art prints. The wardrobe segment has been built with a pull-out extendable tray mechanism which doubles up as a study table on a whim.

In the company of robust blues, The Blue Door Home has rewritten the design ethos of what is conventionally associated with bachelor pads and provided its end-user with a residence that weaves together comfort, warmth, and function. “What has set this design experience apart is the fact that the client was avidly an intrinsic part of the process. His penchant for detail and customising the space to evoke a sense of belonging had us inspired from day one! The space is representative of collaboration in its true form, a balance between the client’s inputs and our ability to design freely that was bolstered by his trust at every juncture,” conclude Sonal and Aniketh.

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